Chinese tourism development is no longer in the early stages. China is progressing very fast on becoming a big economic and cultural power. China will continue to set trends and creativity throughout the entire industry. It is to be noted that for both the wealthy and the middle class, travel is by far the preferred leisure pursuit. 

The rapid development of the luxury market in China and Asia is sending ripples through the entire industry.
The hospitality and restaurant industry is a diverse and highly competitive industry. Among the competitors in the industry are single sandwich shops, coffee shops and restaurants, coffeehouses, pizza and quick-service restaurant chains, and also high-end, luxury fine-dining restaurants, offering the customer a vast variety of choices.
Increasing life and work pressure, together with concerns over issues such as food safety and pollution, prompt well-off Chinese to pay increasing attention to healthy issues with increased medical checks, more attention to diet, sport activities, leisure time and overall look & feel.
Online social media remains the most popular source of information.