Through our in-house resources and thanks to the cooperation with local selected professional firms, we can provide turnkey solutions for companies in need of innovative and smart ideas and for new markets to drive their growth and replicate the success of their products and services.
The success of brands, products and services depends on a mix of quality, design and brand image, with a growing importance for the manufacturing storytelling.
Therefore we work with our clients to combine their traditional business and with online business models and to guide them to effectively approach social media marketing, experiential marketing and O-to-O marketing.



From an economic point of view China is the leading country of the Asian continent and has been for years the world’s fastest growing nation. It is a multifaceted rapidly growing market, offering various business opportunities to those who are eager to promote and sell products and services.
Nowadays China constitutes a limitless market, with an always growing number of wealthy individuals, always looking for glamour and exclusivity. In addition to this the Chinese market sees now the existence of a growing middle class, spread all around the Country, more and more attracted by foreign brands.